I have taught parents home care skills, topics in natural medicine and health and wellness for a long time now! I still remember Saturday mornings filled with babies and new moms (and dads!). Times have changed though, and online is IN! So, here are a selection of our courses and lectures now updated for online learning. 

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The classic course in how to take care of your kids at home! This is the starter basic course in kid care (and self-care of course ;) ). We cover the basics of how to evaluate if you can care for something at home and the top homeopathics, herbal medicines, nutritional medicines and common sense measures to take to help your family through. For more details, look here! 

12 videos, Transcriptions, & Handouts


The hands-on, practical topical applications that you can use to help take care of sick kids at home. The perennial companion to the Learning the Basics course above. Videos that demonstrate the hydrotherapy techniques are included. 

12 videos, Transcriptions, & Handouts


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A 3-hour workshop on how to use homeopathic remedies in the treatment of infectious disease. We'll review common infectious diseases for which there are vaccines in our health region or not, how they present symptomatically, what the risks of infection are, and how to apply the homeopathic during that infection. Includes a review of the historical success of using homeopathics in epidemics around the world and strategies for prevention during travel. 

The starter course in Homeopathy, this video series will show you how to use remedies for First Aid, while refreshing your first aid knowledge. If you've never used homeopathy before, this is a great way to learn, because first aid symptoms are common and recognizable. If you already have some homeopathy under your belt, this is a fabulous way to flesh out that knowledge. 

12 videos, e-Book


The follow up course to first aid Homeopathy, this second video series covers the remedies for common ailments that we all get from time to time: fever and flus, coughs and colds, earaches, sore throats, bladder infections, cramps, headaches, etc. It is recommended that either you have taken the first aid course or you have some knowledge of homeopathy before taking this class, although we will re-emphasize the basics of homeopathy and of dosing. 

12 videos, e-Book


The use of homeopathics to help a person is usually based on the particular characteristics of that individual. It can provide some of the deepest healing of all healing modalities. In this course, we will cover a number of the most common constitutional homeopathic remedies and talk about how to repertorize and material medica. A list of recommended texts will be provided, we recommend you have some reference books for use during the course. 

A review of what vaccines are and what they do. A discussion about safety concerns and what it known about proper application and efficacy. A great introduction to this very confusing and polarizing topic that affects every family. 

Essential oils can be a powerful resource for many home and personal applications. This course is a great introduction to using essential oils with confidence in yourself and your children for infections, mood issues, hormones amongst others. We will cover a brief history of aromatherapy and how to ensure quality oils and the best ways to apply them. Come have a smelly good time!  

Herbal medicine is powerful and supportive to health. This course is all about learning how to use the plants commonly available to help yourself and your family. I'll teach you how to make herbal preparations at home too!

After speaking with our patients, many indicated a desire to learn about ensuring that their homes were healthy. Air quality, building and furnishing materials, cleaning products, water systems, sound levels, light sources, electromagnetic stressors, allergens and molds will all be discussed at this lecture. Ideas for making healthier home choices will be emphasized.

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