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Informative Handouts from Dr. Gaul

Article- Shots in the Dark     1700.01

CNA Flu Vaccination    1700.02

Flu Prevention Program    1700.03

Homeopathic Disease Prevention Kit    1700.04

Infectious Disease and Vaccines    1700.05

Information on the Canadian Version of Flu Vaccines    1700.06

Instructions for Homeopathic Immune Boosting    1700.07

Travel Information   1700.08​

Travelling with Homeopathics    1700.10

Attention Deficit Disorders (ADD)    1200.01

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)    1200.02

Autism and Methyl B12    1200.03

Bacteria Illness Chart    1200.04

Breastfeeding Suggestions and Benefits   1200.05

Breastmilk Replacement Formulas    1200.06

Checklist for Calling the Doctor    1200.07

Diaper Rash    1200.08

Growth Chart for Girls with Down Syndrome    1200.09

Infant Feeding    1200.10

Introduction of Solid Foods to Infants    1200.11

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)    1200.12

Temperature Readings in Children    1200.13

Verbal First Aid    1200.14

Vitamin K Essential Facts    1200.15

Well Child Care    1200.16

What To Do When Your Child Has A Fever   1200.17

Your Child and Ear Infections    1200.18

How important are well child checks?

What should I do about vaccinations?

What about travelling with kids?

Help my kid has a fever!

Feeding Kids! 

Pediatric Care

I'm busy filling in this info! 

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